Google Accelerated Mobile Pages And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“About browsing the web on mobile, 46% of people dislike waiting for pages to load. It takes 15.3 seconds on average to load a mobile landing page.

According to the study, a one-second delay in page load time leads to:

• 7% loss in conversions

• 11% lesser page views

• 16% reduction in customer satisfaction

Moreover, 50% of the mobile users abandon a page, if the load time is more than 10 seconds.

Three kinds of pages in e-commerce where AMP is effective are: The Homepage, Product Category Pages, and Product Pages.

Benefits of using Google AMP for Ecommerce

  1. Improve conversions with a fast, user-friendly experience
  1. Maintain flexibility and control
  1. Improve average order value and Maximize sales

Demerits of AMP for Ecommerce

  1. Implementation is not easy
  1. Higher Rankings are not guaranteed

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As AMP is on a quest to deliver an enhanced experience to the customers, it is now shifting its gears towards harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide an effortless experience.

When AMP is combined with Artificial intelligence, the digital marketers are more capable of turning their e-commerce website a site ‘worth seeing’. To provide a seamless user experience, AMP + AI offers a human-centric approach which further facilitates business to bring a deep human touch to their services with ‘mass personalization’.”

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