All eyes on AI!

The customer impact: AI is zooming in on the shopper experience

Computer vision and image recognition are changing the world of retail. At MWC, we will see examples of how cameras can determine what ‘fashion types’ frequent a store, based on peoples’ clothing, gender, age and haircut. The data that is being collected and analyzed helps retailers fine-tune the selection of their stores to customers.

AI isn’t just helping to guide the shopper journey, it is also providing consumers with assistance on how to use products. Imagine a vanity that recognizes what lipstick and powder you put on it. Its intelligent mirror identifies your complexion and the color of your hair and eyes and tells you how to apply them for the best effect – or maybe, recommends you pick something else.

Companies across industries are implementing more and more use cases in which AI technology monitors what users do, allowing the machine to jump right in with help if there is a problem. A large telecommunications provider, for example, uses AI to automatically detect connectivity issues in the customer’s home, contact them and provide immediate assistance.”

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