Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing And For Good Reason!

Image Source: Pixabay/Afra32

• “85% of the customer interactions will be managed without any human interaction. (Gartner)

• AI technology can help businesses increase the labor productivity by almost 40%. (Accenture)

• 83% of businesses who adopted AI technology before everyone else have driven either substantial (30%) or moderate (53%) economic benefits from AI projects. ( Deloitte)

• 47% of digitally mature organizations, or enterprises with advanced digital practices, claimed that they have implemented a defined AI strategy. (Adobe) 

• 77% of consumers are actually using AI platforms, whereas 33% think they use AI-powered technology. (Pega)

This post also illustrates all of the ways that AI is already impacting our daily lives through our interactions with: Netflix, Amazon, Levi, Disney, Spotify and Sephora.

It also outlines the AI applications from vendors such as: Klevu, Relay 24, Phrasee, Crisp and Pave AI.

To Wrap Up

With the revolution driven by big data and AI, the brands have unleashed a multitude of possibilities to know their customers better. Artificial Intelligence has blessed the businesses with predictive selling, informed buying, enhanced sales-cycle, and data-driven decision making.

Behind all the technological evolution in intelligent marketing, the main driving force is the objective of ensuring a great customer experience and this is going to be the silver bullet for businesses to thrive in the coming years as well.”

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