The Future of AI-Assisted Social Media Marketing

  • “Social media platforms account for a massive 2.77 billion users and are accountable to the multitude of data they possess.
  • In 2018, Facebook acquired Bloomsbury AI to ramp up its NLP (Natural Language Processing) in order to combat fake news and tackle inappropriate content issues.
  • In 2017, Facebook bought Ozlo, an AI-based startup which claims to be the index of knowledge about the real world.
  • LinkedIn leverages AI to assist its members to better their profiles and help them tune their work experiences based on the industry suggestions.
  • In 2016, Twitter acquired Magic Pony Technology to add up AI force to Cortex, that wants to build the most advanced AI platform in the world to apply the most advanced AI algorithms to the most challenging datasets, effortlessly.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Empower Social Media Marketers
    1. AI-Assisted Content Creation
    1. Round-the-Clock Online Presence
    1. Automated Bidding”

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