Huntington Launches Huntington Heads Up® with AI to Improve Customers’ Digital Banking Experience

My old friends at Huntington Bank are continuing to push the innovation envelope. This time it’s with an AI driven tool named “Huntington Heads Up.”

“Huntington Heads Up will use Artificial Intelligence capabilities to help customers optimize the ways they save, spend and achieve their financial goals.

The introduction of The Hub and Huntington Heads Up are both central to the next chapter in how Huntington is looking out for people by investing in and enhancing its digital and mobile customer experience.

Examples of newly-available insights through Huntington Heads Up include:

  • Balance may not cover upcoming charges
  • Subscription payment alerts
  • Double Charge Protection

The AI-driven insights are powered by Personetics Engage, which uses predictive analytics to monitor transaction data in real-time, and identifies user-specific spending habits to provide timely insights to customers. The feature leverages AI by constantly improving accuracy and relevance over time, and conveniently delivers insight through push notifications and texts.”

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