How Will People Bank in the Future?

  • “Most likely, the smartphone will eventually be replaced by something even more integrated with our daily lives, more intuitive and less tactile. In fact, Gartner believes that by 2020, the majority of our devices will be designed to function with limited or no touch.
  • ‘Look at Ant Financial Intelligent Services accurately predicting consumer needs not only by product but by journey of multi products tied together smartly, all underpinned by AI on huge data of context. Also look at Tencent which also already does all the consumer ecosystem of banking inside a consumer’s life on WeChat. In some parts of the world, it may be easy to guess the future … just look around the corner at what other regions are doing.’ – Adrian Hausser
  • ‘In the next 12-18 months, there will be a re-consolidation of banking services and over time these services will more seamlessly integrate into customer’s every day lives. While technology will continue to automate and enhance the experience, people and a personalized experience will still be at the core.’– Scarlett Sieber”

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