How Personalization Can Lower E-commerce Website Bounce Rates: 12 Compelling Tips

“A bounce rate is the crucial Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that can be determined by various e-commerce analytics tools like Google Analytics.

The graph below shows the benchmark bounce rates depending upon different website types including e-commerce and retail websites demonstrate the industry standard. Well, for e-commerce and retail websites, bounce rate between 20% and 45% is acceptable.

To combat high bounce rate, among the many tactics devised by digital marketers, eCommerce personalization stands out as a powerful solution.

1. Personalize Search Results

2. Audience Segmentation – Email Segmentation

3. Provide personalized products through E-commerce product designers

4. Using exit-intent popups on your e-Commerce website

5. Optimize your product pages

6. Provide overall seamless purchase experience

7. Using Geo-location services

8. Creating customer journeys

9. Dynamically changing websites

10. Implementing 1:1 Profiling

11. Deliver Weather-Sensitive Personalization

12. Retarget abandoning users”

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