Give Us 8 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Truth About AI for Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

“With the goal of applying AI technologies to achieve extraordinary good, is presenting the good and bad side in a new infographic.

AI For Good

On the good side, AI-gathered data will dramatically reduce waste, increase efficiency, deliver higher crop yields and improve the global environment.

On a personal level, AI is going to give physically challenged individuals more access whether they are blind, deaf or have limited mobility.

AI will create millions of jobs. Some of these jobs include programmers to teach AI systems, technology go betweens, and ethic controllers to ensure the integrity of AI systems.

When it comes to data scientists and data engineers, the infographic says it expects a 39% growth by 2020.

Artificial intelligence will also increase human potential by freeing up creativity because there will be a shift in how many hours Americans spend on their job as automation handles more tasks.

The issue of automation has 37% of people worried their jobs is at risk. However, an overwhelming majority or 73% said technology can never replace the human mind.”

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