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I’d like to formally welcome “all y’all” to my home…Austin, TX…and my artificial intelligence (ai) blog.

A quick Texas vocabulary lesson if you’re new to the state.

y’all = 2 people

all y’all = 3 or more people 🙂

On the topic of AI, be sure to check back nightly for news, updates and information coming out of the SXSW conference


Here are just a few of the latest stories:

AI the hot topic at Austin tech, music and film conference

For the second year running, SXSW Interactive curators have deemed AI to be the zeitgeist centrefold of tech


GOP rep: ‘If we’re not leading on’ AI, that’s going to impact economy

“It’s the future,” Hurd said. “Vladimir Putin said whoever masters AI is going to master the world. I think this is the only thing he and I agree on.”


SXSW 2019 Will Focus on How AI and Automation Will Change the Workforce

Automation will lead to massive changes in the workplace. And several speakers at SXSW including Ellen Shell, who wrote “The Job: Work and its Future in a Time of Radical Change” and Kate Crawford, co-founder and co-director of the AI Now Research Institute, will be talking about the future of the workforce.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says ‘we should be excited about automation’

“We should be excited about automation, because what it could potentially mean is more time educating ourselves, more time creating art, more time investing in and investigating the sciences, more time focused on invention, more time going to space, more time enjoying the world that we live in,” she said.

How AI is Changing Advertising in China

The key driver for AI in advertising, however, is China’s hyper-competitive ecommerce market, which is more than double the size of its U.S. counterpart. China-based startups use AI to analyze, categorize, and rank influencers, creating an open, blockchain-based, micropayments marketplace that can include everyone on social media.


Unanimous AI to Unveil “Swarm” at SXSW – the World’s First SaaS Platform that Amplifies the Intelligence of Business Teams

Unanimous AI, winners of Best in Show and AI Innovation of the Year at the 2018 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Innovation Awards, will return to Austin as a finalist for the 2019 awards. At the event, Unanimous AI will announce the beta release of Swarm, the world’s first on-demand SaaS platform for amplifying the intelligence of business teams.



An audience member asked if Zuckerberg should step down. “No,” McNamee said emphatically. “I don’t think this is about the people. I believe that this is about the business model. Larry [Page] and Sergey [Brin] at Google and Sheryl [Sandberg] and Mark at Facebook have the moral authority to change the business model. If you don’t change the business model, it doesn’t matter who’s running it, and if you do change the business model, it’s OK whoever’s running it.”


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