Easy Money: Technology Is Reinventing Banking In Arkansas

  • “In BOND.AI’s case, that means incorporating artificial intelligence to turn your phone into an interactive money manager. One part personal shopper, one part hand-held monetary conscience, the app finds lower loan and credit card interest rates, critiques and optimizes spends and squares today’s outflow with future aspirations such as saving for retirement or a house.
  • “Our end goal is to make the customer experience as user-friendly as possible and as fruitful for our customers as possible and doing that while making it as secure as possible,” says Larry Casey, chief information officer for First Arkansas Bank & Trust. “We want to provide services to our customers as easily as possible by whatever means they choose.
  • “Everybody has some kind of financial necessity, and they don’t want to waste time expressing that to someone else,” Akkaraju says. “This is the easiest way to say, ‘OK, this is my problem.’ I can ask the system right now, ‘Can you help me buy a car?’ In 20 seconds, it gets you there. Same with houses or ‘Can you help me create my portfolio?’ Everything happens very quickly. You can take your time, but it gives you hyper personalized insights. That is definitely the future.” “


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