The Amazing Ways John Deere Uses AI And Machine Vision To Help Feed 10 Billion People

  • “Leading the way is John Deere – the 180-year-old manufacturer of farming and industrial machinery which has spent the past decade transforming itself into an artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven business.
  • Stone tells me “Now we’re very much pushing into artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning … what’s amazing is how all of this technology is such a hand-in-glove fit for agriculture.
  • Blue River is the Silicon Valley-based machine learning startup acquired by Deere back in 2017, which has provided the foundation of the multinational giant’s foray into artificial intelligence, with their expertise in computer vision, in particular, proving itself an incredibly valuable asset.
  • Another crucial part of Deere’s strategy to remain on the vanguard of AI and agriculture is its JD Labs ‘start-up collaborator.'”

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