The Updated List of Facebook Messenger Chatbot Tools for 2019

“Facebook Messenger chatbot tools have exploded onto the tech scene in the past two years, but as with many cutting-edge startups, some have fallen and others have risen to take their place.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best chatbot tools which are dominating the industry in 2019, and can help you create more effective, functional chat experiences for your business.

1. MobileMonkey

2. BotKit

3. BotMock

4. Botsify

5. Botsociety

6. ChatterOn

7. Conversable


9. Dialogflow

10. Engati

11. Flow XO

12. ItsAlive

13. Octane AI

14. Pandorabots

15. Pypestream


17. Sequel

18. WP-Chatbot”

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I haven’t written much about thus far, but it’s an exciting and interesting area. For starters, we should begin by answering the question, “What is a chatbot?” To assist, I’ll share this article on by Emily Ferron titled, “Mobile 101: Whatare bots, chatbots and virtual assistants?” It does a nice job of laying the foundation and describing bots and chatbots.

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