The AI Bank: The New Avenue for Both People and Finance

I’ve been watching for the “moonshot” project combining AI plus financial services and this may be the one. The concept is a bank that is completely automated leveraging blockchain and AI. It would be easy to dismiss such an idea; however, the founder is Mohammad Yonus. If you’re not familiar, Mohammed started Graemeen Bank and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

  • “The AI Bank, a completely decentralized global financial entity, has announced its innovative plans which, according to the bank, aim to revolutionize the areas of banking and finance.
  • The idea for the AI Bank has been influenced by one Mohammad Yonus. Yonus, creator of the Grameen Bank, changed the way banks perceived loans and established the basis of microfinance.
  • It’s a non-profit start-up that aims to empower people who could not normally avail financial opportunities, with microloan and banking services that are aimed to help them in their work, their lives, and also improve their living conditions.

Here’s a link to the AI Bank site

And a link the Mohammed’s profile on the Nobel website

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