Masters 2019: Tiger Woods finds a way to beat Artificial Intelligence, too

  • “This year for the first time, the Masters used enterprise-grade AI to capture every shot by all 89 players in the field to produce a three-minute highlight video for almost instantly at the end of each round.
  • Even more fascinating, the IBM Cloud stored and integrated data for each shot measuring the Crowd Roar and Player Gestures—hand, arm and facial movements—to create an overall excitement score.
  • At least four of his shots in the last round scored a perfect 1.0 in crowd reaction
  • The highest non-Tiger excitement score of the week belonged to Bryson DeChambeau’s hole-in-one at the 16th during Sunday’s final round. The Crowd Roar was .94 on a 1.0 scale, and Bryson’s body and facial reactions scored a perfect 1.0.”

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