Interview: How Fashion E-Tailer And Recommendation Platform Suggesty Is Enabling Next-Generation International Commerce

  • “The second trend that I see with fashion ecommerce in the U.S. is that the customers are still more hesitant to make online purchases for more than $200. However, in Asia, consumers are more used to having a higher-priced digital transaction.
  • We did experiment with AI, but at the end of the day, AI and fashion don’t go together. There is a big human element in it. Every item on our platform is indexed and categorized. It’s given a certain number of fashion points for various aspects by our fashion analysts.
  • It’s AI‑assisted. The AI that we developed guesses what kind of clothing an item is and what it should be used for based on its color, size, type, etc. It does the basic categorization like that, but the final approval is done by a human. That is why we can’t do 50,000 different kinds of clothes. We are very focused on international designer brands. We only have roughly 8,000 items on our site, only very high quality.”

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