40% Conversion Increase – AskSid.ai

AskSid.ai – https://www.asksid.ai

  • “Choice paralysis: Shopping has become a stressful activity given the rise of a plethora of brands vying in a crowded market.
  • ‘But the brands that make the products have answers to all possible questions. That is what led me to start AskSid.ai, a conversational AI platform,’ says Sanjoy. 
  • “The outcome AskSid produced was a staggering 40 percent increase in conversions compared to web channels and automation of 800 customer service requests with creation of 1300+ size profiles,” says Sanjoy. “
  • AskSid mainly delivers three business outcomes –
    1. a) conversations with shoppers to simplifying their experience,
    1. b) a better product catalogue to showcase products to the customer, and
      c) marketing insights for companies.


  • Founders of AskSid


    Mode.ai – https://mode.ai/#/

    • Customers: Levi, Louis Vuitton

    Vue.ai – https://vue.ai

    • Customers: Macy’s, Diesel

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