How Community Banks Can Compete In The Digital Age – Financial Brand

The Financial Brand has posted a well written article from Alex Jimenez of Zions Bank. I’ve included his 6 steps to solve the digital dilemma, but checkout the full article for more details.

Alex Jimenez – VP & Senior Strategist

Zions Bank

Community Bank and Credit Union Response

“Community banks and credit unions can solve these dilemmas.  At a high level, these 6 steps must be taken:

1 Obtain full support for a transformation agenda from the executive team

2 Assign transformation to a high-level team member or team

3 Adopt ‘Jobs to be done’ (JTBD) design principles within product management functions

4 Engage existing technology partners and industry disruptors

5 Develop transformation goals for all areas, including risk management

6 Build innovation into the culture of the organization”

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