Amazon re:MARS Announcements and Highlights

    • Amazon in 1999 was “relying primarily on Skip” to manage package fulfillment. Skip isn’t an algorithm, he said — “Skip is a dude.”

    Amazon Launches Image Search For Fashion

    • “Now, according to reports, Amazon’s Consumer Worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke has announced a new AI-powered fashion search tool called StyleSnap, designed to help customers find clothes to buy. Someone can take a picture of an outfit or upload an image, and the tool will “match the look in the photo” and find similar items that are for sale on”

    Amazon shares how it leverages AI throughout the business

    “Across every step of its e-commerce operations, AI is at work:

    • Amazon also revealed newest fulfillment center robots, called Pegasus and Xanthus
    • it showcased StyleSnap, an AI-powered feature that lets shoppers in the Amazon app take a picture of a piece of clothing and find similar items for sale.
    • Amazon revealed new details about the technology that drives its Amazon Go stores.
    • To stay connected to customers in their homes, Amazon revealed how it’s driving forward conversational AI with Alexa.
    • Amazon Go VP Dilip Kumar stressed, ‘If you start with a genuine customer problem, you can use the power of machine learning… to build a stellar customer experience.'”

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