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Andrew Moore is Head of Google Cloud AI

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/andrew-moore-016b751

  • “At its core, AI is about automating judgments that have previously been the exclusive domains of humans.
  • A deployed AI solution works backwards from the existing needs of the people who will use it.
  • Sooner or later, every technology transitions from an elite niche to a mainstream tool. AI is now undergoing a similar transformation.


  • Global energy company AES is using drones and AutoML Vision to more safely and efficiently inspect thousands of wind turbines.
  • Real Estate firm Keller Williams is empowering individual realtors to work more efficiently and effectively on their own by allowing home buyers to automatically search listing photos for specific features like “granite countertops.”
  • The New York Times is preserving a priceless archive of millions of photos covering more than 100 years of its history. The media publication is using AI to scan and analyze images and words on thousands of archived photos.
  • Financial Services firm HSBC is using AI to detect fraud at the speed and scale of global commerce by screening vast amounts of customer data against publicly available data in the search for suspicious activity.
  • A student was considering her options for an upcoming artificial intelligence project, and thought of her sister, who happens to be deaf. She wanted to make it easier for her friends to learn the basics of American Sign Language, so she developed an AI-powered tool that tracked their movements and provided automatic feedback as they learned new signs. And here’s the best part: she wasn’t a computer science postdoc or even a grad student — she was a history major, taking an introductory class for fun.”


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