KPMG and Recommender Labs AI

“KPMG India has announced the aqui-hire of Mumbai-based AI-led decision-science services company Recommender Labs. With this, KPMG is poised to build its own Centre of Excellence (CoE) specialising in decision-science and AI-driven solutions. It will build unique assets, enable quick go-to-market, and build the ability to respond with AI-led offerings, by combining its capabilities with that of Recommender Labs.

Recommender Labs’ product offerings include:

  • Universal Recommender Engine, that helps identify and recommend best-fit products to customers in a retail scenario.
  • Chatbot Authoring Framework, a natural language processing chatbot offering decision-tree based conversations and frequenty-asked-questions bank.
  • Credit Risk Engine, helping identify potential defaulters from customers that have applied for lending products specifically catering to SMEs.
  • Recruitment Applications, helping augmented profiling through interactive mechanisms and offers insights on best-fit candidates.
  • Gamification Template, which offers mechanisms and engaging UX elements to capture and engage customers.”

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