AI: Reinventing the Banking Experience

Day 2 of the ABA Digital Banking Conference is complete and my favorite session of the day was titled “AI: Reinventing the Banking Experience.”

The panel was moderated by Tiffani Montez of Aite Group (former WellsFargo executive.)

Notes from the session:

Rob Guilfoyle –

  • FIs with a culture and leadership that are willing to utilize customer data will generate more value than more conservative peers. However, it’s important to align with your culture to crawl, walk and then run.

Phong Rock – Feedzai

  • Risk assessment tools also allow you to identify “good guys” and good clients for next-best CRM actions
  • AI is 68 years old, very accessible, and does not replace humans. It’s about the power of human + ai

Vijay Nadadur –

  • Focus on how to utilize ai to empower the FI employees…not just customers

Tiffani Montez – Aite Group

  • Right time, right message and right place you look like hero…miss any of those and ai can appear creepy

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