Transforming Customer Banking Experiences with AI

  • “According to IDC, the banking industry leads the way in AI adoption, with $5.6B expected to be spent on AI-enabled solutions by 2022,
  • a recent analysis by IHS Markit shows the actual business value of AI in banking worldwide is expected to reach $300B by 2030.
  • A recent investigation found widespread AI adoption in banking worldwide could save in excess of $1T by streamlining and improving front, back, and middle office functions;
  • Juniper Research, predicts AI-powered chatbots will help banks save more than $7B per year by 2023
  • Nina handled over 30,000 conversations a month with a 78 percent “first-contact resolution”
  • Xiaowei, a chatbot serving China Construction Bank’s WeChat app and mobile bank handled 1.9B customer interactions in 2018.
  • In commercial banking, over $10B in rogue trading losses have been incurred over the past decade from the top 13 global banks”

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