Former Cisco CEO Says AI Will Have Bigger Impact Than The Internet

“Are you overhyping digital transformation and AI?

Chambers: No. It’s the biggest trend in the last 30 years, since the commercialization of the Internet. Bigger even. It will produce an impact two or three times what the Internet did and in a much faster pace. It is accelerating.

Why are you so bullish on India?

Chambers: If you believe that digital transformation and AI are economic and social game changers, with a potential impact greater than the internet, then you look at how a country thinks about this for their future. PM Modi is the best leader in the world on this topic.”

  • “Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman laid emphasis on the government’s plans to focus on areas like artificial intelligence, big data, and robotics in its skill-enhancement programs so as to develop capacities for the country’s dynamic participation in the so-called fourth industrial revolution.
  • These policy developments must be understood in the context of a recent LinkedIn report, where India ranks 3rd in terms of penetration of AI skills among its workforce, followed by Israel and Germany even as the United States and China were the top two countries on the list.”

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