AI Stats News: Chatbots Lead To 80% Sales Decline, Satisfied Customers And Fewer Employees

This post from Gil Press is a gold mine of AI data from reputable sources for your next business case.

  • “A disclosure of chatbot identity before the machine–customer conversation reduces purchase rates by more than 79.7%
  • chatbots are four times more effective at selling products than inexperienced workers
  • TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. hasn’t needed to hire any new human agents since it began offering text- and voice-based chatbots to clients in 2017
  • Progressive Corp. expects to save about $5 million this year because fewer conversations require human agents
  • As of August 2019, there have been 140+ acquisitions of AI startups, putting the year on track to beat the 2018 record (166) at the current run rate”

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