Artificial Intelligence Helping to Grow Austin’s Tech Industry

“The vision of SkyGrid is to autonomously provision a drone from taking off, flying, and automatically managing the route as well as rerouting if there are any conflicts in that route,” Doradla said.

Doradla says it works like air traffic control, but for drones. Data inputs from weather, no-fly zones, airports and stadiums are all put into SkyGrid’s system to make the possibility of drone delivery very real and very efficient.  

SparkCogntion is focusing on making big business more efficient, utilizing AI to take data about major assets and predict possible issues. They also provide cyber security for the business to business marketplace. The company recently secured $100 million in a Series C financing to help expand their office footprint in a northwest Austin office park.”

Vijay Doradla

Chief Business Officer

Spark Cognition

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