The Differences Between AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning & NLP

  • “Artificial intelligence is a technology or computer system designed to function in a way that simulates how the human brain thinks.
  • Machine learning is a subset of AI which involves ‘training’ machines to ‘learn’ from sets of data, enabling them to draw insights and make predictive decisions. It automates tasks and finds patterns or anomalies, learns from them and creates new rules for next time.
  • Deep learning is currently the most advanced subset of machine learning, and thereby a subset of AI, which intends to bring machines as close as possible to human levels of thinking. According to MIT Technology Review, “The software learns, in a very real sense, to recognize patterns in digital representations of sounds, images, and other data” by creating an artificial neural network.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an element of deep learning that involves translating text or human ways of speaking so that a computer is able to categorize and make sense of it.”

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