How customer-facing AI can supercharge engagement

Wow, wow…yes I believe it…wow.

  • “A common sales conversation today tends to look something like this: The banker pulls out a menu of services and unleashes every possible product combination, leaving the customer overwhelmed. The customer might leave with one or two products, as well as the feeling that the banker didn’t take the time to understand and address their concerns.
  • This initial sales conversation remains a major challenge among financial institutions: Retail customers generally walk out with an average of 1.3 products (1.8 for business customers) — but a whopping 70 percent of these products aren’t even the right fit for them, according to internal research based on client data.”
  • In fact, according to McKinsey, adding AI to the banking sales and marketing process can lead to an estimated increase of 2.5 to 5.2 percent in revenue annually.

George Noga

CEO of Ignite Sales, Inc.,

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