Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for Product and Business Managers – Stanford

“This workshop will teach the business implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and how product managers and business managers can pivot their careers to use it. Artificial intelligence combines insights resulting from newly emerging data sources and algorithms possessing powerful analytic techniques. This two-day workshop will introduce students to the variety, volume, veracity, and velocity of business data in many industries and how they can use it to create new products and business innovations.

Day one will explore various artificial intelligence applications such as facial recognition and machine learning arising from the convergence of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Big Data algorithms, all of which create new business models and efficiencies in various industries like advertising, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, fintech, and transportation. Specific case studies will build an understanding of the far-reaching impact of these evolutions across functional areas and industries.

Day two will teach students a business framework detailing how to build new products and transform existing businesses using AI. Guest speakers will add to class lectures by sharing industry best practices and investors’ perspectives of the AI business ecosystem. Students will leave the course with new insights into innovation opportunities in AI and with a framework to apply AI to their existing or entrepreneurial enterprises.”

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