This is what the AI industry will look like in 2020

“With that in mind, my predictions for 2020 attempt to balance both aspects, with an emphasis on real value for companies, and not just ‘cool things’ for data science teams.

  1. Data science and AI roles continue the trend towards specialization
  2. Executive understanding of data science and AI becomes more important
  3. End-to-end model management becomes the best practice where production is required
  4. Data science and AI ethics continue to gain momentum and are starting to form into a distinct discipline
  5. The convergence of tools causes confusion
  6. Efforts to ‘democratize’ and ‘automate’ data science and AI redouble, with parties that over-promise failing
  7. Architecture at the Edge and Fog starts to enter the mainstream
  8. The hype cycle and deluge of definitions are shifting
  9. Competition enters the AI chip market
  10. It is still easier to teach data science and AI and sell tools than to actually make it work in practice”

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