Top 3 Most Funded AI Startups in Retail – An Overview

  • “The retail industry could be losing nearly $1 trillion in sales annually due to business process errors that could be automated by AI
  • Signifyd is the most well-funded AI startup in the fraud detection industry for retail and eCommerce, having raised $180 million. They were founded in August 2011 and specialize in fraud detection for retail and eCommerce companies.
  • Sift boasts a total of $106.6 million in funding. Their chief product is called Account Defense, and it also purportedly uses anomaly detection technology.
  • Capillary Technologies has raised $102.1 million. The company was founded on August 1st, 2008. One of their main AI products is Engage+, a digital platform for digital marketing including ad campaigns, sales emails, and scheduled sales calls”

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