AI enabled YES ROBOT has booked 12 bn deposits within an year

  • “YES Bank has experimented with and experienced the entire gamut of AI solutions. From simple pre-defined FAQ knowledge database creation for our enterprise YES Bot to a far more sophisticated Microsoft LUIS NLP and cognitive services enabled YES ROBOT for our customers, we are now doing POC for more complex use cases. Certain repeat transactions such as monthly rent payment, utility bill payments and mobile recharges can be entirely automated with limited or no human intervention.
  • Our flagship AI powered chatbot – YES ROBOT – is a comprehensive, secure, 24*7 Personal Banking Assistant for customers and is currently available on our website and Facebook Messenger. Almost three years ago, YES Bank understood the importance of AI in banking and made it an integral part of the bank’s digital transformation journey.
  • We are working on truly cutting edge AI and NLP technologies to revolutionise chat and voice bots for offering industry first innovative experience.”

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