CES 2020 Preview: How Carnival Uses VR and AI Aboard Cruise Ships

  • “John Padgett, Carnival’s chief experience and innovation officer, is the creator of the Ocean Medallion, as well as one the key figures behind Disney’s MagicBand, which serves as the playland’s digital ticket and much more. He spoke with Adweek about his experience at CES, what the travel industry gets out of it, and what he plans to talk about on his CES 2020 panel, “AI and VR in Travel.””
  • CES is a great stage. I increasingly laugh about it, and I think it should be called the Consumer Experience Show because the novelty has worn off of the hardware, electronics and equipment that used to be the focus of the show. Now, it’s about experiences being created from all the hardware and software.”


  • John Padgett
  • Chief Experience and Innovation Officer
  • Carnival Cruise
  • http://linkedin.com/in/johnpadgett
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