Google CEO Adds His Voice to AI Regulation Debate

“Eight common themes that could form the core of any principle-based approach to AI ethics and governance:

• Privacy — AI systems should respect the privacy of individuals.

• Accountability — Mechanisms must be in place to ensure AI systems are accountable, and remedies must be in place to fix problems when they’re not.

• Safety and Security — AI systems should perform as intended and be secure from compromise.

• Transparency and Explainability — AI systems should be designed and implemented to allow oversight.

• Fairness and Nondiscrimination — AI systems should be designed to maximize fairness and inclusivity.

• Human Control of Technology — Important decisions should remain under human review.

• Professional Responsibility — Developers of AI systems should make sure to consult all stakeholders in the system and plan for long-term effects.

• Promotion of Human Values — The ends to which AI is devoted and the means by which it is implemented should promote humanity’s well being.”

Image: Adobe stock

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