Capital One Finds Ways To Make Its Digital Assistant More Proactive

  • “’Eno is an assistant that is both reactive and proactive,’ said Ken Dodelin, vice president of conversational AI at Capital One. ‘People love it when you can talk to an AI assistant to get an answer and love it even more if the AI assistant detects an issue and helps resolve the stressor.’
  • Its free trial feature, which it rolled out in the fall, is another example of how Capital One is building a proactive chatbot. The service prevents customers from getting charged for a free trial they forgot to cancel. Eno detects when a customer begins a free trial and will proactively reach out to the customer when the trial is nearing completion. Eno will provide the merchant name, trial length and a link to take acton.
  • ‘Here’s one less thing you have to worry about.'”

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