These IIT Madras alumni have come up with a WhatsApp SuperBot to replace all your apps

  • “AI startup BOB uses WhatsApp to cater to essential services like bill payments, phone recharge, medicine ordering, booking a cab, ordering groceries, and even railway enquiries
  • For this bunch of digital consumers – or what is commonly referred to as the next 500 million users – Bengaluru-based BOB has come up with a unique offering – a WhatsApp Superbot.  
  • ‘He realised that people who are using smartphones definitely use WhatsApp, but not necessarily other mobile apps. He figured out that the primary reason people easily adopt WhatsApp is the simple chat interface of WhatsApp supported with voice option.’
  • The SuperBot, which is built using the latest AI and Machine learning technologies, in turn, utilises its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to understand and process these queries and voice commands and respond to them instantly.”

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