5 key AI trends in customer engagement

“Trend One: Consumers want real conversations

  • People have reached digital overload with…an estimated 63.5 notifications daily per person.

Trend two: Conversational AI is everywhere

  • Use of virtual and voice assistants continues to rise, with Google’s Assistant deployed across one billion devices, and Amazon reporting sales of 100 million Alexa-enabled devices in 2019. 

Trend three: Robocalls kill trust in the phone

  • In the US in 2019, the number of robocalls doubled from 2017: 58 billion robocalls were placed in 2019, equaling roughly 178 calls per person affected.

Trend four: Politics moves beyond the polls

  • “A Twilio study on the efficacy of U.S. presidential campaigns using email found that only 3.8% of campaign emails sent landed in the primary tab of constituent accounts.

Trend five: CX is the differentiator

  • Twilio cites research from Forrester (76% of executives cite improving customer experience as a high or critical priority), Accenture (75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company which knows their name, purchase history, and recommends products on preferences)”


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