Struggling With Fake AI? Here’s How To Become A Real AI Company

  • “40% of AI Companies are Lying about their AI – Research Report
  • The report also found that most use cases these companies describe as their awesome AI projects are in essence “quite banal”. For instance 26% of these companies have some form of chatbots, another whopping 21% use fraud detection.

Winning Strategies in an AI Economy

  • Step 1: Align & Drive Your Strategy and Vision
  • Step 2: Prepare Your Staff To Become Real Machine Learning Experts, not “AI Experts”
  • Step 3: Don’t Waste Time — Build Your First Algorithm and MVP within weeks!
  • Step 4: Build Defensible business with Unique Multi-Model &-Algorithm Strategy
  • Step 5: Prepare to own HW, SW and Services Stack to Maintain Lead”

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