A Radical Solution to Scale AI Technology

  • “Three out of four executives believe that if they don’t scale AI in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely. To fix this, we offer a radical solution: Kill the proof of concept. Go right to scale.
  • We came to this solution after surveying 1,500 C-suite executives across 16 industries in 12 countries.
  • The companies in our research that were successfully implementing full-scale AI had all done one thing: they had abandoned proof of concepts.
  • The result? They achieved nearly three times the return on their AI investments when compared to their lower-performing counterparts.
  • Nordea, the largest banking group in the Nordics, needed a chatbot to help with customer service
  • Email and telephone traffic dropped 20% immediately, while use of the chatbot and related webpages increased by 30%”


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