AI News Index: Over 25% Of AI Initiatives Are In Production And 28% Have Failed

• “51 million jobs (22% of total jobs) are at risk from automation and 24 million jobs are at risk of displacement though both Covid-19 and automation (59 million jobs are at risk from Covid-19) [McKinsey Global Institute]

• IDC’s low-end estimate is projecting the number of global AI-related jobs this year at 927,000, up 11% from 2019. IDC’s more optimistic outlook is for 969,000, a 16% gain over last year [WSJ]

• 54% of Americans would like Work From Home to be their primary way of working and more than 75% said they would like to continue to work remotely at least occasionally

• 59% of U.S. healthcare providers will invest in robotic process automation (RPA) in the next three years, up from 5% today [Gartner]”

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