• “AI is influencing CX in two primary ways. The first is through personalised data insights and advice generation (also known as next-best-action or next-best-conversation)—both direct to the consumer via digital channels and/or via interactions with a business banker, contact centre or branch staff.
  • More recently, conversational AI is increasingly influencing CX, taking on a variety of forms. Specific technologies include natural language understanding, generation and processing (NLU, NLG and NLP) and predictive or propensity modelling of various types.
  • A small but growing number of banks are creating “decision hubs” powered by a portfolio of statistical models and fed by readily available customer data
  • Initially built to maximise sales effectiveness at many banks, these hubs are increasingly designed to support a diverse set of business goals such as acquisition, retention, cross-sell and compliance but are stringently prioritised against each other—to ensure banks engage customers with the most relevant next-best-conversation possible—at each point of interaction, from branch and contact-centre conversations to mobile apps and chatbots.”

How AI Is Changing Customer Experience

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