Scaling AI: The 4 challenges you’ll face

Image Credit: gremlin/Getty Images
  • “Organizations of all sizes are embracing AI as a transformative technology to power their digital transformation journeys. Still the challenges around operationalizing AI at scale can still seem insurmountable, with a large number of projects failing.
  • They have most likely set up some form of a Center of Excellence (CoE) for AI, with key hires both in leadership and technical roles, and have demonstrated the promise of AI, using a few machine learning projects in a limited scale. Then they move to scale a project into production, and they get stuck.
  • The reasons why scaling AI is so challenging seem to fall under four themes: customization, data, talent, and trust.
  • The $15.7 trillion opportunity with AI is in front of us, but it requires us to come together as an industry to solve these key challenges”

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