How this former Facebook, Paypal, and Lambda School exec started an AI-driven ecommerce platform

  • “Namrata started Sturish, an AI-driven ecommerce growth platform, in October 2020. The platform takes care of setting up the ecommerce business for any seller through complete automation.
  • Businesses can sign up on Sturish, upload their products, and select the marketplaces they want to sell on. The platform then automatically creates product listings, and the team takes photos and videos of the products if there are no good ones.
  • These listings are then distributed across multiple ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. Based on the daily performance of the data on what’s selling, what are some of the clicks, and the conversion on the products, the listings, and ad campaigns are automatically optimised.”

Namrata Ganatra

Founder & CEO at Sturish

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