The 5 things everyone should know about cloud AI, according to a Sequoia Capital partner

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  • “’Cloud is going to become AI,’ he told Insider. ‘I mean, all of the cloud will be based on AI.’
  • ‘It seems complicated — it seems like magic of some sort, so people get intimidated and awed by it,’ Buhler said. ‘Artificial intelligence is just more and more mathematical computations done rapidly, which at some point, for a moment, seems ‘magical.’ But it never is.’
  • ‘When you build an artificial intelligence model, it is not about the AI: It is about the customer,’ Buhler said. ‘The internet was a communication revolution, and AI is a computation revolution. This is a new mechanism to serve people, and you have to understand their needs, or you’re going to spend years building the wrong thing.’”

Konstantine Buhler

Partner, Sequoia Capital


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