8 Ways Digital Banking Will Evolve Over the Next 5 Years

Image: Cavan Images / Getty Images
  • “The banking and fintech industries compressed roughly a decade of ecommerce innovation into a 10-month span.
  • Advancements that were estimated to be years out may now emerge as the “new normal” within months. The future of banking will not only look different in regard to more rapid digital adoption, but also in terms of service offerings, who offers them and the relationships institutions have with one another and their customers.
  • 6) Micro-Personalization. Big data and AI-driven analytics bring about a new paradigm in financial services, one in which the bank will treat every customer as if they are its single greatest priority. Instantaneous borrowing, proactive product suggestions, detailed guidance on purchases, budgetary recommendations based on factors like real-time location, spending profile and much more are poised to be the new standard for financial institutions’ approach to customer personalization.”


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