AI brings promise and peril to customer relations management

  • “At the moment, one of the chief complaints aimed at companies large and small is the long wait times at call centers and in email replies. A properly trained AI-driven CRM platform will be able to handle most common queries with little to no delay, sending the more complicated requests to service reps, who should have greater availability. AI will also be able to more effectively communicate with customers over the web, social media, and mobile platforms.
  • Faulty data management is a key factor in poor customer relationship outcomes, with more than 85% of sales agents citing it as the cause of embarrassing mistakes, according to marketing analysis firm MarTech Series.
  • Upwards of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being created every day, 90% of it unstructured, so the mere task of putting all of this data into context is functionally impossible without AI.”

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