Pizza Hut demonstrates why intelligent virtual agents are the future of customer service

  • “‘Gartner is suggesting that 85% of customer interactions will start by self-service in 2022, which is only six months away,’ he explained. ‘But most importantly, of those interactions, 70% will start with speech interfaces by 2023 which is also not too far away.’
  • ‘This has led to 42% of companies planning to enhance digital self-service functionality, which had traditionally been out of reach of all but the largest enterprises,’ Schebella added.
  • ‘Before you even say anything, the IVA can play back to you the status of your order,’ explains Branley. ‘So it can say ‘Hey Calum, your pizza’s in the oven, and the ETA is 6:35.’ No interaction needed with a person; we’ve serviced that request before you’ve even asked for it.’”

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