Qualcomm’s Vision: The Future Of … AI

  • “The latest Snapdragon 888 has a sixth generation AI engine powerful enough to process significant AI models on the phone, enabling applications such as on-device speech processing and even real-time spoken language translation.
  • To add more talent and IP to Qualcomm’s AI research lab, the company announced today that it has acquired a team from Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH (TwentyBN), including their high quality video dataset that is widely used by the AI research community.
  • Clément Delangue believes that Transfer Learning will be the next big thing in AI. ‘I think, in five years, most of the machine learning models out there will be transfer learning models. And that’s super exciting because they have new capabilities but also new opportunities for them to be smaller, more compressed, to be trained on smaller datasets, thanks of the unique characteristics and capabilities of transfer learning.’”


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