From computerized carts to “Chef Bots,” how AI is becoming a bigger part of grocery shopping

  • “Lindon Gao is the chief executive officer of Caper, a technology company that created the Caper Cart, the “world’s first AI-powered shopping cart.” Originally launched in 2019 at the New York-based supermarket Foodcellar & Co., the Caper Cart looks like a typical shopping cart. However as customers place items in the basket, they are weighed, measured and priced; additionally, a screen affixed to the cart offers shoppers basket-based recommendations and nearby deals.
  • Users simply snap a photo of three ingredients from their refrigerator or pantry. Users then tweet their photo to @KrogerChefbot. Through artificial intelligence, Chefbot identifies ingredients and then provides users with a list of personalized recipe recommendations based on the selected ingredients.”

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