Gartner: AI is moving fast and will be ready for prime time sooner than you think

  • “More familiar technologies, such as edge AI, decision intelligence and knowledge graphs, are at the peak of inflated expectations phase of the hype cycle, while chatbots, autonomous vehicles and computer vision are all in the trough of disillusionment.
  • Gartner analysts Shubhangi Vashisth and Svetlana Sicular wrote the report and identified these four AI mega trends:

1. Companies are looking to operationalize AI platforms to enable reusability, scalability and governance and speed up AI adoption and growth. AI orchestration and automation platforms (AIOAPs) and model operationalization (ModelOps) reflect this trend.

2. Innovation in AI means efficient use of all resources, including data, models and compute. Multi-experience AI, composite AI, generative AI and transformers are examples of this trend.

3. Responsible AI includes explainable AI, risk management and AI ethics for increased trust, transparency, fairness and auditability of AI initiatives.

4. Small and wide data approaches enable more robust analytics and AI, reduce organizations’ dependency on big data and deliver more complete situational awareness.”

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