CMOs: 5 Key CX Trends To Harness In 2022

“Trend 1 –Avoid ‘Digital inconvenience’

  • ‘Customer experience is like an unfinished piece of art. You’re continuously working on creating perfect convenience, but the reality is it will never truly be finished.
  • actively seek out dissatisfied buyers to try to better understand them, learn from any mistakes and invest in making their experience better.”

Trend 2 – Encouraging ‘Artificial Serendipity’

  • ‘I believe that brands that understand how to stimulate serendipity have an opportunity to set themselves apart in 2022.’

Trend 3 – ‘Everything-as-a-Service’

  • ‘Every person has hopes, dreams, fears and values. Brands need to think about how their products or services can help remove negative energy, and create positive energy in the lives of the customer in order build a deeper emotional relationship.’

Trend 4 – Embrace Metaverse Commerce

  • ‘It is effectively taking the trend of social commerce we are already seeing in countries like China to a whole new, more immersive level. While it might feel futuristic, brands should imagine how they can expand into that platform now.’

Trend 5 – Promote Shared Interest

  • ‘One of the most common questions I get asked is “how can I make my customers more loyal?’, but I really believe the question should now be ‘how can my company show more loyalty to its customers?’”

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